10 geekiest tattoos

Bad girls have them, geek girls can have them too: and if you’re going to get a tattoo, why not use it to show off your knowledge of computer coding or geek culture?
I didn’t include any tattoos which involve the Apple logo. Tempting, but a macbook is always going to be slimmer and less hairy than you – too hard to compete.

From a join-the-dots giraffe to making your head all web 2.0, here’s a selection of some of the geekiest skin art the world wide web has to offer.

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Anna Leach


  • Hey guys, I am totally honored to have a place among your greatest geek tattoos. I think Number 6 is a pretty prestigious placing. I go by the name JohnReason now, but I used to go by “Nny.”

    Thanks a lot!

  • excellent! I love how knowledgeable our readers are. Well a prize* for anyone who can find a tattoo of a correct diagram of sodium chloride: either as a two oppositely charged ions or as a crystal lattice.

    *moral prize

  • That salt ‘molecule’ is totally wrong. It shows a chlorine atom sharing an electron with a sodium atom — this is ‘covalent’ bonding. Sodium Chloride is ionic, the sodium atoms give their electrons to the chlorines, making them equally but oppositely charged. Also, Sodium Chloride tends not to exist as a single molecule but as a crystal lattice.

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