5 best milk frothers

Frothy milk is pretty much haute cuisine as far as homemade coffee goes. Top coffee-nerds will have coffee machines with steam nozzles which fire steam through milk both heating and frothing at the same time – the ideal situation. But to the amateur with just a cafetiere and yearning for latte, a simple milk-frother does more or less a similar job. And even a little frothing can produce good results.

As coffee-geek puts it wisely: “Incorporating air into the milk improves and sweetens the taste. Milk that has not been foamed at all tends to taste flat and dull by comparison.”

Proper full-on frothing produces this: “microfoam–a pourable, virtually liquid foam that tastes sweet and rich…. The only distinction it has from liquid milk is a soft, slightly spectral sheen in the right light.”

Image via Daniel Cadenas’ Flickr.


Anna Leach


  • For me, the best way to make a foam is to make it with espresso machine :) Believe me, there is nothing better than professionally prepared coffee with creamy foam. For that reason I bought this kind of coffee machine- PhilipsSaeco kavos aparatai namams , and believe me, I would not change it into nothing else :)

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  • the taste. Milk that has not been foamed at all tends to taste flat and dull by comparison.

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  • dear panda if u try the e;ectric machine u will not believe in your eyes.. too much diference… trust me…

  • Ive had the IKEA one, I always use it on milk heated in the microwave till boiling point (It removes skin from the milk by busting it to pieces). Works fine and Im happy about it, but I find myself wipping small portions at a time to get at lot of foam – as it is only the top layer that gets foamy.. Im sure this happends with all the hand held milk frothers – so I was hoping for a comment for somebody who has tried both a handheld and either the bodum with the lit on it, or a machine.. IS there REALLY a DIFFERENCE?

    • I have one of these and find it frustrating that one only aerates the top layer of the milk too! I used to have a Bonjour that used 4 AA batteries and it definitely did a better job. I’m hoping I can still find one. They seem to have been completely supplanted by the $1.99 Chinese models.

  • this is an excellent product & far exceeds its $1.99 price!
    its also durable. i dropped it on the kitchen floor and it split ( or disassembled ) into little pieces.
    it took awhile to figure out how to re-assemble it ( need a youtube for this! ). after we re-connecting it still didin’t work because one side of the batery leads were damaged & shortened. my engineer minded son helped to troubleshoot & put a new lead on & voila! it works again.
    back to nice, frothy caps in the morning & night!!!
    hope this helps some poor soul who is too cheap to make a trip to ikea.

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