New PSP Go! announced- does it live up to expectations?

Rumours have abounded for some time now in regards to the hotly aanticipated PSP announcement, and some have described the launch of the new handheld device as ‘the worst-kept secret of E3’. We now have confirmation on the new device, but will it live up to stylish mock up pic (above) that we coveted?

We said: No more UMD Discs

We got: No UMD discs! Instead the device will have a 16GB flash memory, so there’s no need for that pesky drive! They’ve also added in Bluetooth support so you can potentially ‘share’ games.

We Said: Touchscreen

We got: No Touchscreen. Yep. They have downsized the screen size to 3.8 inches from 4.3 which is annoying. Hey, a touchscreen would have been a fingerprint magnet anyways.

We said: Dual Analogue Controls and slide out keypad

We got: No to dual analogue controls, but the buttons have been streamlined and we have the slide out keypad we so hotly desired.

We said: Make it a mobile phone

We got: Well it’s not a mobile, but the added extra of Bluetooth should let you use it in conjunction with Bluetooth headsets, pair it up and potentially link it with an enabled mobile so you could browse the web etc through the mobile 3G data connection.

What else we got:

Continued PS3 integration so you can sync between devices, and it’s 43% lighter than its predecessor.

The verdict:

Well we hoped for so much and we got about half of that. The on-board memory is impressive and I like the fact it’s expandable, but lack of dual controls leave us feeling a little flat.

It will be £214 later this year from Playstation.

[Image: Engadget]

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Zara Rabinowicz