Britains got Twitter: The Top Twenty Twitterers


Everyone on Twitter has a very distinct personality, but some are more voracious updaters than others. The lovely Ashley Norris has complied a list of the top twenty Twitterers in the UK, by sheer volume of Tweets- and it makes for some verry interesting reading.

1 Keith Murdoch (shubox)
47,562 tweets

On Twitter 28 months
Britain’s most prolific tweeter (unless you know different) bills himself as a ‘Scouse Artist living in Leeds as a Web Designer! Occasionally known as Supasnail.’ Like many prolific tweeters he has been on Twitter a long time, but only has a comparatively small amount of followers

Mainly tweets about – Fairly serious tech stuff, Liverpool FC and Rhubarb

Sample tweet – I was often amazed that a Farm in Wakefield seemed to reject tonnes of Rhubarb each year. It’d be piled high for weeks.

2 Robert Brook (robertbrook)
35,411 tweets

On Twitter 32 months
Robert works for the UK parliament as part of skunkworks team, which, if like me you haven’t a clue what that is he defines it as: a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy.

Mainly tweets about – Descriptions about what he is up to (you get to know what he has eaten and when he goes to bed most days)and conversations with other tweeters, plus lots of stuff about getting parliamentary staff using Twitter (now there’s a good idea)

Sample tweet – Bt have sent me a letter about my wife’s death. She’s right here!

3 lo fi (infobunny) London
28,702 Tweets

On Twitter 26 months
Lo fi remains a mystery as she protects her tweets. She’s a librarian which makes me suspicious that she might be doing something with library codes. She also blogs at a cool little site at

Read the full list here.

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