The Airswitch light from Mathmos laughs at touch and clap technology


Not so long ago a house that came with touch sensitive lights was dubbed the epitome of cool by my friends. Look- no switches! A simple touch could dim the light, and provide you with around ten minutes of novelty fun. Well this tech could take s serious backseat to the gesture sensitive lights from Mathmos.

The Dorset designers have done it again, and created a selection of stunning lights to look at, that combine innovation withe design. The Airswitch light works using a special sensor embedded in the device which determines where your hand is in relation to the light, and then will brighten or dim accordingly.

Simply move your hand vertically towards the light to dim it, and moving it away will brighten it. If you wave it horizontally, you can turn it off completely. Genius!

£55 from Mathmos

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Zara Rabinowicz