Ministry of Sound team up with ACS to offer hifidelity earplugs


If you spent a large portion of your youth moving from one dingy warehouse to another whilst waving glow sticks, you’ll know the pain of ravaged eardrums at the end of a night. Add to that the everyday acoustic stress you receive and having to deal with your housemates attempts at learning drums, and your ears will probably be suffering.

Well here’s a pair of earplugs designed to combat all that stress you’re placing on your ears- and they look stylish as well.

Say goodbye to granny style pieces of foam you push in your ear, here we have a pair of seriously fashion concious plastic buds that will filter out a fair portion of surround noise, but not muffle voices.

I love the fact that Ministry have got on board with this, as it shows that they’re taking responsibility for their decibel deafening nights, and they’ve even got DJ Eddie Halliwell on board to endorse them.

£14.99 from the 29th April at Hearing protection

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Zara Rabinowicz