Sub-zero garbage = fragrance free garbage disposal

freezer bin.jpgNo matter how much you strategically try and avoid it, there will come a point in the week when your garbage bin will reek of a dump site (unless you’re incredibly anal and take out your trash everyday). All it takes is one banana peel and the remnants of the past few days dinner and you’re greeted by an overpowering aroma of decomposing refuse. It’s not nice and its ability to induce multiple gag reflexes is multiplied when you bring hot weather into the equation.

How about freezing your garbage? No silly, I’m not talking about putting your trash in the freezer! I’m talking about the Minus Frozen Garbage Container concept design.

This clever litter bin will hold your garbage hostage at below zero freezing temperatures, allowing you more time to let it fester before you take it out. Sure, you could just pull your finger out and take out the rubbish more frequently, but why opt for the environmentally friendly option when there is much electricity to be used up and money to be spent.

[via Gizmodo]

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Lucy Hedges