Burberry to enter mobile phone territory?

burberry-phone-thumb-300x297-84514.jpgAs high end as its line of products are, Burberry’s signature chequered pattern has become synonymous with Burberry fakery (i.e. knock -off gear), tracksuit toting chav-like people and Danielle Westbrook. Could the leaked pictures of a Burberry mobile be the brand’s attempt to score back a few high class points? Well if it’s the handset featured in the image, I’m going to go with no. But if they manage to pull something ten times more sophisticated than this one out the bag, a few high end specs and not a measly 2 megapixel camera and lose the suffocating signature pattern covering its entire chassis, it might be on to a designer phone winner.

Little else is known, so no specs, no price and no release date – just the firm knowledge Burberry has something mobile phone shaped in the pipeline.

*************************************** Not really. This is an April Fools joke. Don’t pretend that we didn’t have you going for a minute! Check out more April Fools gaggery here*********************************************************************

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges