The nano tattoo monitors blood sugar levels *not April Fool story alert*


OK, I realize this story seems uber far fetched and telling you about it on today of all days is bound to test your belief levels, but honest to god, this isn’t a joke. Give me some credit, eh?

This not so fetching tattoo is the result of research by Draper Laboratories and is created using nano ink.

The idea is that the nano ink used in the tattoo is glucose detecting, and it will change shade depending on your blood sugar levels; which would mean the end of painful daily injections for diabetes sufferers.

The nano ink particles contains three parts, a colour changing sphere, a glucose detecting molecule and a glucose mimicking molecule. Together they combine to become an uber impressive piece of sugar level detection, constantly monitoring the blood for changes in levels.

If levels are low the ink will appear to be yellow, if they’re at a good level it will look orange, and if they’re dangerously high they’ll appear purple.

The ink has been tested on mice with positive results, and the aim is to make this option available within two years. I think this is a great application of science, but I just hope they’ll give you more tattoo options than a rather bland heart!

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “The nano tattoo monitors blood sugar levels *not April Fool story alert*

  • Any way is welcome to keep blood sugar level below 100 mg/dl and higher than 80 mg/dl,

    But we all have to be careful about drugs side effects. The best way is to keep blood sugar level under control natyrally.

    Such as lossing weigh, doing exercise,eating natural
    produsts etc.

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