Shiny Review: Burlesque Power Plate classes

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Power Plates have been around for a while now, and they’re a great way of strengthening your core muscles and toning your body in a low impact manner- as well as being easy to squeeze into your lunch break. A session usually lasts around 25 minutes and is equivalent to around an hour of working out due to the increased strain on the body because of the vibrating plate. We’ve previously tried out the Power Plate, but now there’s a new kid on the block- and it’s wearing nipple tassels…

Say hello to Burlesque Power Plate sessions which combine showgirl style moves with strengthening exercises. I was so curious I just had to go and try it for myself.

I headed down to CORE London to experience the full workout. The studio is lovely, secreted innocously on Wardour Street, and features only three machines- so even with a full class you still get a lot of personal attention. The teachers are willowy creatures who are fab at motivating you, and your workout is done to showgirl tunes.

Once changed into my sweats I was disappointed to find out that the routine didn’t involve any nipple pasties, but it did include a series of waist whittling moves, complemented by an attractive soundtrack and elegant arm gestures. The fab instructor lead me through a routine, which involved lots of sexy hip rolls, and leg lengthening stretches, and I liked how I could feel my inner thighs stretching and contracting as I knelt across the plate.

Having undertaken ‘regular’ Power Plate sessions previously, it was interesting to see how they used different moves in the burlesque class. The idea was coined by one of the teachers who teaches burlesque professionally and she’d got together with a trained exercise therapist to come up with a routine that was both attractive and effective.

The extra pirouettes and slinky body moves definitely gave me more confidence, and I also felt quite graceful, which is unusual for an experience that doesn’t involve heels.

If you’re a fan of Chicago’s razzle dazzle you’ll love the sensation of this workout, and at the very least you’ll come away with a stronger upper body and a better sense of your core muscles.

A single lesson costs £25, a course of ten is £200. Check them out here, or visit them at Core London, 98 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TL

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  • Power plates work by producing vibrations which stimulate the whole body at once. This has the benefit of speeding up the workout time. By increasing the frequency of the vibrations, workouts can be tailored to suit massage and circulation or for increasing strength and balance.

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