Inject some animation into your audio with the Headphonies

headphonies.jpgIs it just me, or do the Headphonies sound like they should have their own kiddy TV show on Saturday mornings? No, just me then? OK. Well, they’re not a set of cerazy looking critters designed to bring joy to littler kids while their parents cash in their lie-ins, they’re actually some kind of moshi monster/mimbot mashup with portable audio playing capabilities. Because the release of portable speakers are so frequent, the creator’s of these cartoon-esque speakers thought they’d bring something different to the table. So if you like to step out the boring and ordinary box, you may want to step into a world where toys and portable speakers collide.

The range consists of five figures, all created by several artists (that I won’t mention as you probably won’t have heard of them) as well as two blank canvas models that you can adorn yourself. You will then be free to plug your little friend into you MP3 player, iPod, phone or CD player for around four hours of playback on a full charge.

Get one here for £29.95

Lucy Hedges