The SKY's the limit for 3DTV: First UK live broadcast last night!


3DTV was big news at CES 2009, but since the initial furore and the many,many promises we heard, their hasn’t been anything new in that area recently. Well that could be about to change big time, as last night the UK experienced their first 3D broadcast on live TV- and one that didn’t necessitate the use of those uber stylish chromatic glasses.

SKY teamed up with popular group Keane to produce a 3D show of their Abbey Road gig, and it was broadcast to anyone who owned a Sky+ HD box and had a compatible 3D-capable TV set. OK, so not that many people got to watch it in reality, but the mere fact that it happened is exciting enough.

The screen used was a Hyundai one, which is available for around £3000 in Japan. It’s called the S465D, and is bale to give you the full 3DTV experience minus the goggles due to the integrated 3D circular polarised filter. For those who missed out on watching it live, they also had a web broadcast- but you would need glasses to get the full effect for that.

Watch us experience (cheap) 3D on the Minoru 3D webcam here.

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[via IT Pro]
Zara Rabinowicz