Gadget Show Live 2009: All tickets are gone, kaput, sold out


Remember that nail bitingly exciting news we brought you at the beginning of the year, detailing our official partnership with those nerdlingers over at The Gadget Show Live, to be held on April 17th-19th, at the Birmingham NEC Arena? Well, if you were thinking ‘I’d love to meet the Shiny Shiny and Tech Digest tech team’ and were hoping to bag yourself some entrance permitting tickets, you’re going to kick yourself – we’ve just been informed they’ve completely and utterly sold out. However, there is a glimmer of hope at the end of this long dark tunnel and its competition shaped.

Yes, that’s right Dan over at Tech Digest has a whole bunch burning a hole in his drawer and seeing as he prefers his drawers to come without inconvenient craters he’s going to be giving them away very soon. So watch this space.

To those who foresaw a ticket purchasing catastrophe (and who are no doubt smiling smugly to themselves right now), we’ll see you down at the NEC at the How To Theatre on the dates detailed above.

Gadget Show Live 2009

Lucy Hedges