Winged creatures beware… introducing the Fly-Goodbye Pistol

fly-goodbye.jpgThat time of year is fast approaching when all the flies and the rest of god’s horrible creatures come out of their insect hideaways to irritate the hell out of unsuspecting individuals and ruin plenty of picnics with their buzzing and relentless attempts to share your food and drink. We’ve all been there – I’m talking about being poised with a folded magazine waiting for the right moment to strike, knowing full well that if you miss, your victim will only fly more erratically making the process harder. Sometimes that’s too much like hard work – especially on a scorching hot day.

Without sounding like one of those over enthusiastic TV sales people – you sound like you would benefit from Fly-Goodbye. It sounds like an excellent replacement, those pesky flies won’t know what hit them.

Rather than shoot, the gun works like a vacuum each time the trigger is pulled, so presuming you have good aim (and I would say it’d have to be pretty damn good) the fly will be sucked into the tube and smacked in the face with the glue that is waiting for it at the bottom of the tube (cue laughing: mwooohahahaha). Although, I can’t imagine removing the gluey graveyard will be a pleasurable experience!

The Fly-Goodbye is expected to commence shipping in May and retail for around $30USD (where can I sign up?).

[via Uber Gizmo]

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Lucy Hedges