Hippy inspired MP3/FM radio pillow speakers

speakerguuitarpillows-300x225.jpgNo, the 60’s hasn’t projectile vomited all over this vibrantly coloured collection of MP3 speaker pillows – it’s just a bunch of hippy inspired cushiony speakers for people who like to be seen *and* heard. In exchange for $24.95 USD, you can have a cozy audiophile experience, complete with trippy colour choice to give you a more euphoric experience. There’s a choice of five designs – guitar, cellphone, boom box, peace and teddy bear – all of which feature just enough tie dye to make your head spin. Now all you need is a Volkswagen campervan and you’re sorted.

Don’t conform to the aesthetically restrictive design of the metallic black and bog standard boom box, take a stand and stick two fingers up to the man with your colourful cushion (which may or may not be filled with peace and love) here. Just remember to buy two AA batteries.

[via Chip Chick]

Audiophiles this way…

Lucy Hedges