Want a SIM free iPhone 3G? Step this way…

Apple_iPhone_3G-thumb-360x317-thumb-231x204.jpgO2 may be exciting the masses by making iPhone price cuts, but what about those who desperately want a piece of the iPhone 3G pie, but aren’t willing to pledge allegiance to its official network? Hands up if that does that describe you. Are you on the edge of your seat with your hand up like an eager five year old vying for the teacher’s attention? Well, good news would-be iPhone folk, you’re definitely in for a treat. Word on the web is Play.com is selling iPhone 3Gs, SIM free (yes SIM free) for a price that’ll cause you to spew out your beverage all over your computer screen (you have been warned).

Both the 8GB and 16GB models are up grabs priced at… are you ready?… £549.99 and £599.99 respectively. Despite the warning, you still spat your coffee all over your computer didn’t you? Well, I did attempt to warn you! You might need to open an Excel spreadsheet to plan how you’re going to budget this pricy purchase into your monthly outgoings, but it’s there for the taking should you work out how you’re going to eat, pay rent, travel to and from work and be able to (finally) buy the most covetable phone on the planet right now.

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  • the prices you have quoted are wrong. those are the prices for the old 3g models. the new 3gs models start at aound £799 and £899.

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