The S225 is the new Coolpix in town

nikon_s225_w300.jpgToday marks the day that a new Nikon camera is welcomed into the fold. Going by the name S225, Nikon’s newest camera is a 10 megapixel point and shooter with 3x optical zoom and 2.5-inch LCD screen, all encased in a metallic silver and lightweight (100g) outer shell. In return for 14900 pennies (£149), you’ll get a compact camera with electronic vibration reduction to put an end to camera shake, 4x anti-blur technology and smile and blink proof mode. In fact, your money even extends to face detection, a very handy auto scene selector and best shot selector, which is a very clever feature that automatically selects the sharpest of up to 10 sequential shots. When coupled with the camera’s quick retouch mode for editing images, the S225 becomes what your mum would call ‘value for money’.

Fully charged, you’ll get “approximately 180 shots”, which should be just the right amount to enable you to play paparazzi for the night. You’ll find the S225 at Jessops stores and Jessops stores only, because Nikon has given it full exclusivity. Get yours here.


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Lucy Hedges