Undo email faux pas with Gmail's 'undo send' button

google.jpgEver sent an email and then thought to yourself “shit, I really shouldn’t have said that”, or “shit, I really should have read that properly before I hit send” (I did it 20 minutes ago – oops)? Regretful emails are bad, and I’m not trying to be cool by implementing street slang into my post – I mean bad as in downright horrifying. It’s a grating issue for the best of us and although we tell ourselves to think before we type and ultimately hit send, somehow we never quite learn our lessons, do we? Luckily, Gmail has introduced a safety precaution in the form of a much needed ‘undo send’ button.

So if you happen to experience that unfortunate mishap when your brain says don’t send but your hand uncontrollably goes for the send button, all you need to do to retrieve your incomplete email is click on the sent mail confirmation message and click ‘undo’ – followed by an exhale.

There is a catch and it comes in the form of a five second rule. So if you take longer than five seconds, you’ll have missed your chance to ‘undo send’.

[via Daily Mail]

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Lucy Hedges