Shiny Poll: Is Google Street View an invasion of privacy?

Since its launch last week, everyone and their dog has been up in arms about Google Street View’s privacy issues. Some are even calling for it to be shut down while a privacy probe is carried out. Now the initial “oh my god I can see my house” reactions have abated, it seems more and more people are calling for its closure and for Google’s head on a stick (if it had a head) for this apparent monstrosity. Google has failed on a few things, such as assuring the masses that faces and car registration plates would be blurred out, only for it to be revealed it missed a few when over 200 people complained faces had not been obscured.

But what do you think? Is it really an invasion of privacy, or is it just being used as a scapegoat to give the complainers something to grumble about.

Lucy Hedges