The Top Ten Shiny Videos to make you smile: ASFW (mostly)

Shiny’s been around since 2004 and durng that time we’ve managed to clock up an impressive 1252 videos. Some have more hits than others due to either including the word Apple in the title or having been the first site on the web to get product info up; but which ones do we feel desrve to make our hall of fame for entertainments sake?

Number one: The Shocking Taser Guns

Roll up, roll up! Two girls battle it to the death with electronic but family friendly taser guns- beware high pitched screaming and some sadistic role play.

See more crazy creations after the jump.

Number 2: Shiny’s 1000th Video

We got to dress up in tin foil, and Lucy enjoyed some kinkiness by magicking up her perfect men.

Number 3: The Noise Cancelling Headphone Test

Which headphones will stand up to the dreaded spoon tapping cup test (or the power drill?)

Number 4: Gary Cutlack’s Energy and Efficiency tips- Refrigerator style

Love him or hate him, Gary certainly has a way with words.

Number 5: Shiny interview Alison Caroll, a.k.a Lara Croft

Dontcha love the part where she calls herself an actress? That is, if you actually listen to the interview and stop staring at the bewbs.

Number 6: The big cameraphone test

Kat test drives five top of the range handsets in the London eye, to see which take the best snaps.

Number 7: Lucy tries out the Guitar Hero Air Rocker

Who wants to give this girl a record contract?

Number 8: Zara meets the Homersapien

It’s the battle of the blonde versus the poorly designed WowWee robot- and who will win?

Number 9: Bag TV

Is it a bag? Is it a TV? Is it a tragic combo of the two? We find out…

Number 10: The Vibrator filled make up bag>

Who knew a blusher brush could have such a kinky purpose?

Look forward to many more vids in years to come!

Zara Rabinowicz