BagTV: This is what else happens when fashion and tech collaborate

bagtv.JPGWhen fashion and technology collide, we’re used to seeing something like the Prada i.e. a mobile phone. The aptly named BagTV is certainly not a mobile and as far as concepts go, this one is definitely out there. At first sight, it’s a rather nice handbag – which is actually modelled on a vintage shape from Gucci. Upon further inspection however, located behind a transparent screen, it reveals a lightweight 7-inch flat screen tablet with a DVD and Mpeg player, USB port and SD card slot. So, your bag transforms your bag into a portable TV for plenty of movie action and picture perusal.

I can’t imagine you’d be able to watch it while it’s on your shoulder (unless you’re Mr Fantasic from the Fantastic Four), so I guess it’ll be good for you commute, or a great way to keep the kids quiet? And perhaps if you’re feeling a tad friendly or particularly vein, you could play a movie, or showcase your narcissistic photo album to whoever happens to gaze upon your bag. And so you’re not confined to the limits of the bag, the screen is fully detachable, with its very own stand.

The handbag with a difference launches properly next year, but is available online now for £295, available in black, white, red, pink and tan in either matt or patent leather. Keep an eye out for a video review of it next week.

Tell us what you think? Will this hybrid bag appeal to the technophiles as much as the fashionistas? Or is this a great gadgety accessory or just a pointless, overpriced handbag?

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Lucy Hedges