Prada and LG have done it again but this time there's a Link


Fashion and technology have collaborated once again to bring you an “Exclusive form of sophistication and style in contemporary mobility” – in other words it’s the successor to the Prada phone by LG (that we told you about a while back). The only difference is it comes with a Prada Link accessory watch. The Link is a swanky looking Bluetooth watch, which is a great gadget in itself (I’d be happy with just the watch). The Link works in a similar way to Sony Ericsson’s Bluetooth watches. So when you can’t access your phone, or you’re in a dodgy area and don’t want to expose it to thieves, the watch will vibrate when you receive a call, display the callers ID and alert you of incoming text messages. Of course you could just show off your phone and the watch, but that’s entirely up to you.

Less is more dahling, and this premise extends to its minimalist outer shell, which bears a very close resemblance to its predecessor. The only difference is the inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard and additional on-screen call and hang-up buttons. Specs-wise, nothing differs from what we told you a few weeks ago. So it’s a 3G touchscreen handset with HSDPA capabilities, 5 megapixel camera, slow motion video capture, DivX playback, full HTML browsing and WiFi.

Fashion and style knows no boundaries and clearly by branching out into the mobile world, Prada wants the sophistication, style and class (and snootyness) of the catwalk to spread to mobile phone owners. The luxury gadget will be landing in stores at the end of the month for an expected luxury price of around £475.

Both extremely covetable gadgets will be unveiled in all their beauty tonight – I’m very excited.

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Lucy Hedges