Having a party but can't be bothered to concoct a playlist? Read on…


You’re having a party, everything’s sorted – your dress (which is fabulous by the way), finger food, guests, copious amounts of booze, decorations and then it clicks – “oh s**t, the music”. You were so wrapped up with finding the perfect dress, with the perfect shoes and accessories to make your ex-boyfriend see green, you completely forgot all about one of the most crucial ingredients to a great party – la musique.

Playcharts.com is at hand to assist with your musical dilemma. Find out how after the jump…

It’s a music video site with five ready to go playlists of the top 100 songs as well as the weeks newest tracks in the genres of pop, r&b, rock, hip-hop and dance. So all you need to do is visit the site, load up your desired play list, set the speakers to ‘mind-blowing’ and let the party shenanigans begin. The website guarantees 26+ hours of uninterrupted and continuous playback, whether you’re having a party or you simply want to check out the latest Katy Perry track.

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Lucy Hedges