Motorola release two stylish green home phones, the D10 and D11


Home phones aren’t the sexiest of creatures. They serve a purpose, and having that BT line means you can get on the web, but in a mobile world how often will you actually use it? Well these rather stylish devices might lure you back into the telecom world. They’re both cordless models and have a stylish backlit display, in either blue or orange depending on your model. The unit glows if you’ve missed a call and you can save your contacts in the integral phonebook.

And they’re not just stylish they’re eco friendly as well, created with at least 20% recycled material and a designated eco mode to save battery. When they’re away from the base unit they automatically adjust to optimize output which saves the battery life and you can receive SMS messages on them as well. You can choose from a variety of polyphonic ringtones and they’re equipped with digital answerphones to store all your messages on.

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Zara Rabinowicz