The LaCie USB key that masquerades as your door key

Lacie.jpgUSB keys disguised as keys? Who’d have thunk it eh? They may aesthetically fool you (and the person hoping to steal precious data from you) but their purpose isn’t only concerned with stealthily concealing your USB drive amongst a bunch of keys. The LaCie keys are all about having a convenient and more importantly, a relatively safe way to keep a hold of your flash drive without ripping out clumps of hair when you can’t locate it – that is if/until you lose your keys of course.

There are three kinds of keys up for grabs – the very uninspiringly named itsaKey, iamaKey and the PassKey. The first two come in either 4 or 8GB capacities, with the only disparity between the two being their sturdy metal forms and slight price difference. The PassKey on the other hand is a microSD or SDHC converter, so therefore comes with the capability to emulate whatever capacity your little SIM carries, including 16 and 32GB volumes.

Prices start from £9 here


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Lucy Hedges