The BeBook gets wireless capabailities: Cue cheering and spontaneous outbursts of emotion


The UK eBook market has been trailing behind the US for a while now, and the reason? Connectivity my friends, it’s all about the wireless connection offered to consumers on the Kindle and iRex. Sadly neither of those devices is available on our small island, but soon we may be able to stop fantasising over the Kindle 2’s smooth curves as we’ll soon have a wireless book service of our very own.

Endless Ideas, the makers of the BeBook have just announced news of the BeBook 2, which will offer users wireless connectivity. Previously you could only add RSS feeds to the device by synching it via a USB connection, now it looks like that will be able to be done via an internal Wi-Fi connection.

Details are still a little hazy, as the official launch isn’t till next week, but we’ve been told it will now be fully touch screen, have full Wi-Fi support for downloading from online, and will continue to support the same number of files- a truly remarkable 25, including the all important LIT and TXT formats. I’m hoping they’ll boost up the internal memory from 512MB and also give it a sleek makeover, so watch this space for news on the new revamped BeBook next week!

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Zara Rabinowicz