Is Sony planning a PSP phone?

PSP PHONE.jpgThe Playstation rumours are doing the rounds again – only this time the buzz isn’t surrounding the latest iteration of Playstation handhelds, this rumour is more concerned with a piece of mobile phone equipment. The man in charge, Playstation boss Kas Hirai, has been instructed to situate the Playstation Network (PSN) into a bundle of gadgetry, including mobile goodies. And seeing as he’s just been put in charge of Sony’s Networked Products and Services division (Walkmans, Vaios and “new mobile products) this is very very feasible.

Depending on how into your geek news you are, you may or may not know that last year Sony gave Sony Ericsson the thumbs down for a Sony Ericsson/PSP handset collaboration. Is this because they wanted to hog all the limelight for themselves? There’s nothing to suggest this is a load of baloney, but there’s also nothing pointing to it as a certainty.

Still, wouldn’t that be something.

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Lucy Hedges