Sky News appoints Twitter correspondent (and yes it's a real job!)

twitter_jobs.jpgIt’s official. Twitter has firmly weaselled its way into our lives so successfully that it’s now deemed appropriate to formulate a Twitter based professional occupation. Sky News announced it has appointed a full time Twitter correspondent to “scour” the Twittersphere for news stories on a daily basis. Not mentioned in the job spec however, is the chuckles and/or have severe distraction issues.

Sky News defends this move by saying the appointment of the role is a sign of Twitter’s “ever increasing power as an important newsgathering and news sharing medium”. And they should know – they’ve been a member of the Twitterati since July 2007. As all (real) Twitter users will know, utilising Twitter as a vehicle to plug and pimp stories/business/ideas is a great way to generate interest, not to mention raking up those page views. But this is probably the first case of an actual paid position that demands at least 80 percent of work time be dedicated to the illustrious micro-blogging site. Ruth Barnett is a very lucky lady indeed.

I don’t know about you, but I’m slightly green eyed. Apart from working here (of course) this could quite possibly be the one of the coolest jobs ever to have graced the media arena. Maybe it’ll catch on?

[via Pocket Lint]

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Lucy Hedges