Motorola's burly MC55 laughs in the face of harm

MC55.jpgSeeing as Motorola’s MC55 is far from being a piece of mobile eye candy (well I suppose it could be to some), you’re reasons for wanting it will probably fall into one of three, may be four motives. Firstly, it’s a rugged and robust piece of mobile equipment designed for mobile workers (think field workers, police, builders etc) and is less likely to smash into smithereens upon impacting with the floor – which also makes it a great choice for those burdened with butter fingers. Secondly – are you the upgrading type? Would you prefer to have a phone with longevity as opposed to geek chic-ery? Well, according to Motorola, the MC55 is designed to provide a three to five year lifespan. So unless you lose it, it’s in for the long haul.

Thirdly, it’s packing a range of not too shabby features too. Packing Windows Mobile 6.1, WiFi, Bluetooth, a barcode scanner, a camera and a 3.5-inch screen, means spec-wise, the MC55 isn’t too bad at all. Lastly, if you like a bit of walkie talkie action, the MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant is your phone, giving you plenty of chances to feel every bit the undercover spy with its push to talk walkie talkie capabilities.

There are two models up for grabs – the MC5590 EDA with Wireless LAN and Bluetooth functions and the MC5574, offering wireless LAN and WAN, Bluetooth as well as GPS. Prices depend on your contract, but at £1,200 and £1,512 respectively as stand alone units, don’t expect to get this bad boy free with a contract.

[via Vnunet]

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Lucy Hedges