Shiny Review: Nokia E63

After spending the week with Nokia’s Blackberry-esque E63, it’s completely won me over. In terms of specs and outer casing materials, it may be a slimmed down model of its predecessor the E71, but it still puts up a good fight, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use smartphone. If blackberry’s aren’t your cup of tea, might I suggest giving the E63 a go.

Lucy Hedges


  • As Everyone knows Nokia E series phones are all business phones, which are quite expensive. The E63 is a tablet shape with a front-facing QWERTY keyboard and a 2.4-inch display and is a plastic-covered device, It is slightly heavier weight about 126g, making it more comparable to a Blackberry Curve or Palm Treo Pro. Apart from that other goodies includes the 320-by-240-pixel (QVGA) screen which offers great visibility in indoor and outdoor conditions and most nice thing is that its refresh rate seems a touch faster than what I’m used to with my Nokia N95.

  • i use the phone primarily for texting/email and web browsing, and its perfect for it. overall this is a great phone for someone who loves messaging and maybe has a bit of work to do as well. before this phone i had a windows mobile device and theres just too much junk on those phones. i will be sticking with this phone for a long time!

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