Dance your way through your Maths GCSE with the Alpha mat


DDR was a key element throughout my teenage years as I’d spend my evenings happily two stepping to Dynamite Rave by Naoki. Well now it looks likes there’s an educational spin on that popular game, and it’s called the Alpha Mat. It resembles a giant calculator style dance pad, and involves dancing through numbers. Yes, no longer do you need to use a boring Casio to input your desired equations, you can use your feet to tap out the required numbers.

The Alpha Mat is intended to combine mental dexterity with physical ability, meaning you get a body and mind workout. The mat is made out of low impact PVC foam and the idea is to make leaning fun through using you body. Will it take off in schools? I doubt it- but it will make doing your homework a lot more fun! Just think of the shapes you’ll make when trying out some long division! Check out this video to see it in action.

Get it from Exergames Fitness

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Zara Rabinowicz