Give a Flying Fu*K

flying fuck.jpgThe Flying F#*K does exactly what it says on the tin and is probably the first time in expletive history that you can actually give a Flying F#*K. It takes to the skies using a two-channel helicopter style flight system and isn’t just a novelty airborne play thing. Made from soft foam, this bad boy apparently “flies superbly” and can be trimmed down for stability, just like a real r/c helicopter (well, you’ve got to ensure you Flying F#*K makes an impressive entrance, right?). And if you’re really into gags, the next time someone says something you don’t care for, you can pick up your r/c expletive and physically communicate your opinion. You’ve got to be quick though, otherwise the gag will lose all meaning.

I can’t decide what’s better – the r/c penis or the Flying F#*K? Either way, both flying machines do the remote controlled contraption proud.

Give a Flying F#*K a home here for £24.99

[via Thumbs Up UK]

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Lucy Hedges