Samsung says movie stores are the new music stores

sam.jpgRecent months have seen everyone with a keyboard and a platform to vent their opinions, go on about music stores and services. Samsung has had enough of all that hype and wants to turn your attention to its movie store and download a movie on them. Well not entirely on them – movies start at £2.49 for 24 hour rental and £4.99 to keep it, which seems like a much more economical option (unless you really don’t want to keep the movie).

All they ask is you own a Samsung MP3 player, mobile phone, PC or laptop – if you don’t you will unfortunately be ostracised from this particular movie club. If you fall into this Samsung-less bracket, you’re missing out on 500 motion pictures including RocknRolla and The Dark Night. This also includes TV shows such as Friends and E.R – if you’re lucky this will also include Lost and Heroes.

Samsung plans to bring its loyal customers up to 1,000 movies online by the end of June, subsequent to striking deals with Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal and Momentum pictures.

Visit to get a piece of the action.

[via Stuff]

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Lucy Hedges