Samsung goes for supermodel thin with the Lucido

lucido.JPGSamsung pays homage to the slimmer frame with its candybar Lucido handset, which incidentally translates from Italian to mean ‘sleek’. And sleek it is, at only 11.8mm thick. Slim frame aside, there’s a 5 megapixel camera on board, packing all the usual gubbins like autofocus, face detection and smile sensor, as well as a 2.2-inch AMOLED screen, AGPS (which means geo-tagging) and 7.2Mbps HSDPA support to ensure your web browsing experience is as good as it can be. It also comes bundled with a microSDHC card slot, which can house memory cards of up to 8GB.

The phone also provides extensive multimedia support by providing H.264, H.263, WMV and MPEG4 compatibility. The phone’s video capabilities also mean you can shoot video at QVGA resolution at 15fps.

UK bound in April, the Lucido has “all the hallmarks associated with quality and sublime style’, well according to Samsung’s Vice President it does. But he would say that wouldn’t he? There’s no word on price, but with an April release date on the cards, it shouldn’t be too long before we’re pointed in the right direction.

[via Know Your Mobile]

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Lucy Hedges