Friday video fun: TV faves collaborate for Red Nose Day video fun

It’s Friday and you’re looking for ways to bring the weekend/pub closer to existence, aren’t you? Go on, you can be honest with us. Spend a couple of minutes gazing at this. Comic Relief has called in the best loved characters from current telly ads to perform like the puppets they are (well most of them) to do their bit for charity. We’ve got Honey Monster, Bertie Bassett, the 118 118 guys and everyone’s favourite tea poring monkey. And guess what? We even get a mention too. We’re so in… I mean like totally in. Me and Honey Monster go waaay back and I know someone who once dated one of the 118 guys – so a Shiny Shiny mention was inevitable. Keep your ears peeled at 1.41 for our shout out.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to donate some more (we hope you’ve donated) cash to the cause.

Lucy Hedges