LG and the invisible phone

lg d900.jpgThis is a tale of a HSDPA equipped mobile phone with an invisible glass keypad and 3-inch screen. But the GD900 doesn’t expect you to feel your way around until you hit the key you’re searching for. Instead, it features an illuminated panel that is activated each time the phone slides open, transforming the glass panel from… well a glass panel into a veritable keypad. And it’s not just a touch sensitive keypad either, oh no. The translucent interface will provide plenty of multi-touch controller action, complete with “gesture shortcut” and haptic feedback. That’ll come in handy when coupled with the phone’s 3D UI (think LG Arena and finger-writing recognition capabilities.

The only downside to this innovative design is it sounds like a fingerprint sanctuary and probably won’t retain that polished, transparent look for very long once your grubby mitts get a hold of it. It’ll be making a public appearance in LA next month at the upcoming CTIA event and is tipped to wow the crowds in all its transparent glory. An imminent official announcement from LG is expected any moment now, but it is tipped for a Q2 release.

[via Crave]

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Lucy Hedges