Heated jacket will protect you against arctic conditions

heatedjacket.jpgIt’s a heated jacket (the clue is in the name) so of course it’s going to keep you warm – otherwise it’d be just an ordinary run of the mill jacket (and what would be the point in that?). The sun may have his hat on but despite what scantily dressed women with open toe sandals may be deluded into thinking, it certainly hasn’t hit warm spring time weather just yet. If style is profoundly important to you, the Brookstone Heated Jacket is not suitable enough to cover both the heat and style departments. But if you posses a certain fondness of supermarket style fleeces and you’re fed up of quite literally freezing your t**s off, you might want to consider the purchase of one Heated Jacket with its “lightweight carbon fiber bundles to provide heat in key body areas”.

There are three heat levels to play around with – presumably low, medium and high – and a controller to manage them with. On a single charge, expect five hours of warmth, which quite frankly is better than trembling in the cold and wishing you were in an exotic country. Although, at $179.95, you might be better of (well financially anyway) shoving a hot water bottle up your top instead.

[via Chip Chick]

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