The XSight: A 18-in-1 controller that PROGRAMMES ITSELF!


All in one controllers sound well and good in the packaging, but once you’ve Stanley knifed your way through the interminable mounds of plastic you realize just how much you’re going to hate your new device. It may say that it will control everything from your TV to your light fittings, but have you ever tried setting it up? Intuitive is not the keyword in this respect.

Well the XSight is an all in one remote that not only promises to manage up to 18 devices at any one time, but says it will SET ITSELF up. Yes you read that right.

So how will it do this? The remote comes with no manual, so all you have to do is switch it on, select the language and follow the on screen prompts. The remote has a fully functional colour touch screen for easy navigation, and lets you set up devices one by one in easy steps. You simply select the device (TV/ HD Box etc) then the brand and you’re ready to go.

The XSight features a 2.2 inch colour screen, and the idea is to make multi-tasking with devices as easy as possible, with menus that perform a wide variety of tasks. You can save favourites and set up individual profiles for different users. This means kids could have access to their favourite channels in an easy to read list, whilst adults might want all their media to play in one room.

I hope it’s as easy to use as they say it is, because that could potentially solve soo many problems in my house.

From £99.99 at One For All

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Zara Rabinowicz