Headphonies put the plastic and plush into portable speakers

headphonies.jpgThe world of figurines and audio have been involved in some kind of a collision and it’s resulted in a bunch of brightly coloured critters with the ability to pump out tunes from any mobile or MP3 player, be it iPod, Sony Walkman or something else. They’re only tiny little things, so don’t expect the sound to be colossal – however we have been reassured their sound is pretty decent. But the Headphonies are portable and cute, so will fulfil both your need to force others to listen to your music and carry around child-like novelty playthings.

They’re collectible, although I can’t imagine why you’d want the whole collection and they’re also of the limited edition variety. They’ve been designed by a bunch of people who you’re unlikely to know unless you spend your free time reading design mags, but if you really must know click here.

Rechargeable via USB, the Headphonies simply plug into the circular crevice at the back and even have LED hearts to indicate when they’re on or charging. There are only three on offer for now, so if you want to snap one up you’d better be quick – they’re selling out fast.

£29.95 from Firebox

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Lucy Hedges