Xbox Live gets more interactive content

Xbox Live is getting a whole load of new content, from gaming to films. If you’re a fan of both Coldplay and warbling, you’ll be pleased to hear that Lips is getting a number of Coldplay songs, including The Scientist, Speed of Sound, and In My Place. There’s also new songs from The Fray, Angels and Airwaves, and 311. The time I just spent on Wikipedia trying to dredge up an opinion on this indicates I should probably leave that part of the news there.

There’s also new content for Halo fans, in the form of Halo Wars. This comes in three parts, and is designed to set the scene for the bloody conflict you find yourself in.

There’s also a new deal with NBC Universal, which will bring titles such as Scarface and Shaun of the Dead. Films on Xbox Live cost about £2.50, and once downloaded, remain on the hard drive for 14 days.

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Susi Weaser