The Daily Mail dating site lets like minded Mail-ites connect

daing-mail.jpgNow I’m not what you’d call the biggest fan of the Mail. I do enjoy reading their vitriolic assessments of the latest celeb weight loss/gain story, and their coverage of facebook causing cancer is exemplary of the type of article I expect to see on their website. So the fact that they’ve started a dating website of their own has surprised me. Will there be a huge demand for Mail loving ladies? I’m not sure, but perhaps that’s just the circles I run in.

The sign up process is very entertaining, as they require you to fill in a questionnaire describing yourself and your ideal lover. The options of activities that you enjoy made me laugh- do I choose ‘punting on the river’ over ‘watching TV’?

I also liked that when you described your ideal relationship as fun you had to tick a box with naked cyclists, surely the only way to embody good ol fashioned fun, right?

To give you an example of the type of lasses you can expect to meet, see excerpts taken from the featured date profiles below.

members for you.jpg


Well first of, appearances are deceiving, as despite her screen names age she lists her age as 33. That’s standard fare for internet profiles- but they’re normally more subtle in their approach.

This is what she has to say about herself.

Becoming a mother has some what tamed me. Love fun nights out but also cosy nights in. I like all the finer things in life, good wine, good food,good fun. As well as being a mum i would like to be reminded that i’am still a women.Love seeing the world and am managing to continue doing that with my daughter who is now one. I’am looking for someone who likes to have fun but who can also be serious, someone who know’s how to treat a lady but who also commands respect. My moto is you regret the things in life that you haven’t done more than the ones you have!’

[All spelling mistakes were the ones used in her description and left unaltered].

And joining this service s not cheap either, as prices start at £21.99 a month!

Check it out here

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