Go back to the future with the Delorean replica

delorean.jpgYes, that’s me… and yes that is the real Delorean, as in the Delorean used in Back to the Future one and two. Sadly, we can’t all be blessed with the necessary connections to grant you access to the *actual* Delorean like me (boo hoo). But never fear, a replica is here. Albeit, it’s a 1:18 scale model (14-inches), but it’s a replica nonetheless and probably the closest you’re going to get to the real thing.

delorean-toy.jpgThis 1:18 scale replica of one of the most iconic cars *ever* doesn’t really do anything spectacular, but it does light up in various places, packs sound effects from the film and features moving parts. Unless you’re a borrower, there’ll be no driving around, but it’ll be great for sitting on your desk and looking totally awesome.

I’m not posing with the actual Delorean by the way – it was just a replica randomly parked in Brick Lane. So what you see is me taking my only opportunity to get in. It’s still a conundrum why it was actually there in the first place?!

Available for pre-order here for $34.99 USD [via Nerd Approved]

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Lucy Hedges

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