Twitter Wit: preserving Twitter in print format

twitter bird1 copy.jpgTwitter-mania persists and presses on with the announcement of Twitter Wit – a book collecting the world’s wittiest, funniest and most insightful tweets to date. Yep, that’s right hundreds, quite possibly thousands, of your tweets are going to be sent to the printer to form a collection of the best of the uber popular micro blogging site.

Like a time capsule (which only ever seems to ever appear in American teens dramas), Twitter Wit will be a collection of preserved tweets for future generations to have a look at and wonder what the fu*k we were all on about (or taking). Now if you’re thinking your tweets deserve some kind of public acknowledgement and preservation in print, take a trip on down to and submit your best tweets for what is going to be the first ever hard copy collection of Twitter remarks. You won’t get paid, but if you are one of the selected you’ll get a free copy of the book.

It’s even being commissioned by Harper Collins, so it’ll be heading to a shelf near you soon. And should the internet ever become extinct, this’ll be one of the platforms to relive are web time LOLs.

[via Electric Pig]

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Lucy Hedges