Microsoft shows Xbox Live player Red Ring of Homophobia

Watch out Xbox Livers – enter your sexual orientation in your profile, and Microsoft will have you removed before you can say ‘Milk’. Teresa was apparently harassed by other Xbox Live users for having the fact that she was a lesbian in her profile, and despite moving from game to game to avoid those people, not only were they not warned by Microsoft, but it was Teresa who ended up being banned.

Microsoft’s reasoning was that the ‘gaming community’ found it offensive, which sounds like a pretty freakin’ sucky community to me. There were comments from members of said community saying that they didn’t think their kids should be able to see such things, because apparently it’s ok to let your youngsters play on an Xbox Live, but it’s not ok to teach them that not everyone in the world is the same.

Presumably Microsoft has someone clearing up some of the genuinely offensive stuff you see on Xbox Live as we speak…

[via Consumerist]

Susi Weaser