The Motivatrix Workout Master resembles an overpriced DDR machine


Getting into shape can often be considered a chore, as hours down the gym may produce results, but the time passes so slowly! Well the Motivatrix MX10 Workout master aims to change that, as it combines the entertainment value of DDR systems with a fully comprehensive tailored excercise programme.

Sure, it will set you back a fair whack, and will take up most of the space in your games room, but it is equipped with a variety of games, and you can opt to work through a routine in cardio, aerobic, or max-challenge mode.

The machine can take your weight and height, and is equipped with powerful sensors that measure how accurately you’re following the programme. You can sync it up with your iPod so your own tunes can play whilst you flail around, and the machine reads your calorie output, heart rate, and the accuracy of your motions.

It’s also equipped with an internet connection, which will let you connect to other equally cool motivated exercisers so you can compete against each other on the various mini games.

Hmm. If I had that much cash to spare I’m not sure that this would top my list- what do you think?

$12,500 from Exergame Fitness [via Born Rich]

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “The Motivatrix Workout Master resembles an overpriced DDR machine

  • For that cash I’d get the lipo. If your not a fan of cheating couldn’t you make a really nice home gym and have change left for a hello kitty slendertone :)

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