Hello Kitty and Family Guy's Stewie get interactive with every key stroke

usb IZMO.jpgThose momentary bouts of office monotony would be sorted with the Hello Kitty and Family Guy USB IZMO’s. Like most USB peripherals, you have to install the included software, and then connect your desktop pals to your PC to interact with your computer. One hooked up, they’ll respond to your key strokes with about as much movement as a USB peripheral of this size can make. Stewie vocalises some of those one liners he’s become notorious for and shoots his taser whenever he deems appropriate (or when the software acknowledges he hasn’t done it for a while). Things are a little different for Miss Kitty. As she possess no mouth, the chances of her speaking are next to nil, so instead, she’ll turn her head, light up her wand and move her wings (does Hello Kitty have wings?)

Both USB buddies can be found at Amazon. Interestingly, the Hello Kitty model does less and costs more (ahh the power of branding) at $32.40 USD, whereas Stewie retails for a much cheaper price of $19.86 USD.

[via Chip Chick]

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Lucy Hedges