The Nokia Prism's back in flip form

prismflip-300x225.jpgWhen the Nokia Prism materialised just over a year ago now, all sorts of Nokia fun phrases were thrown our way, most notably being – ”unique laser-etched designs’ and ‘intriguing light effects’. But now, it has emerged the phone with skin akin to Kryton of Red Dwarf, has a clamshell sibling with the same itchy/skin-crawling/ gorgeous (delete as appropriate) signature diamond/triangular pattern design. This version has even more triangley, prismy bits, and very much like its candy bar predecessor, it’s more about the looks than the brains.

So, the Nokia Prism 7070 still retains those triangle shaped keys and shares a majority of its features with the candy bar model, bar the camera and 3G connectivity (it’s a GPRS/EDGE handset). The biggest difference between the two however, is the price. While the 7900 Prism costs at least a couple of hundred quid, the 7070 will only set you back $81.95 USD in either black/pink or black/blue hues. If you’re all about basic phones with pretty outer shells, the 7070 Prism is a great, not to mention uniquely fashionabe option.

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One thought on “The Nokia Prism's back in flip form

  • This is so cute! I never buy a new cell phone until I absolutely have to, but if in the near future if I have to, this will be at the top of my list.

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