The i-Mate – the first phone with lifetime warranty

imate.JPGIn these tough economic times, we need assurance that the mobile phone we buy isn’t going to malfunction or break and therefore not have a long life guarantee. With the offer of free upgrades on most contracts, having a phone for longer than a year is considered a no no to more than a few. But mobile enthusiasts aside, some people might actually want to hold on to their beloved mobile till it’s literally on its last leg. And in that case, the i-Mate sounds like a good durable choice.

It’s the world’s first phone to come with a lifetime warranty. What gives it this right to claim lifetime durability is its rather rigid and sturdy outer shell that’s been built to tough Military Standards, meaning should you ever find yourself in a war zone, experiencing situations akin to what’s going down in Iraq, your phone will totally survive the blast – not sure the same can be said about you though. I think then, it’s safe to say the phone will survive anything that falls below explosions – extreme pressure, heat, cold, water, humidity and ‘extreme shock’.

Apparently it’ll even survive being run over, hit with a hammer or plunged into cold water. Had it not been for JCB’s supposedly shatter-free phone breaking when dropped on the floor, I’d be 100 percent taken in, but as it stands, I’ve taken this info with a touch of scepticism.

Spec-wise, the smartphone sports Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, tri-band HSDPA, quad-band GSM-EDGE connectivity, 2.2GB in-built memory, 128MB of DDR memory, and a 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities. GPS, WiFi, an accelerometer and Bluetooth have also been thrown in too.

It launches in a couple of weeks for a price unknown.


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  • Based on the reaction of the guys in my office when we were given the indestructible Secret (they spent an afternoon throwing it at each other and the walls, playing football with it..!) I can imagine some people would take this as a challenge!

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