Sky HD boxes are ticking time bombs

sky-hd-boxes-failing-thumb-500x179-77652.jpgI’m not referring to bombs in the literal sense of course. It turns out Sky’s HD boxes aren’t as good as they would like to have us believe. They’ve tried to keep the recalling of thousands of their HD digiboxes under wraps, but nothing stays quiet for long. And now it has emerged the broadcasting kings have been contacting thousands of customers to let them know their HD boxes have major design flaws in the area of disk failure and are in need of replacement… ASAP.

The malfunction affects Pace-made Sky HD units only (so Thomson, Samsung and Amstrad models are safe) and to compensate for the inconvenience, Sky customers are being treated to three months of free HD subscription. That’s not going to replace all the data stored in their boxes though, is it?.

[via Trusted Reviews]

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Lucy Hedges