Skinny and energy efficient plasmas on the way from Panasonic

Panasonic_pz850_side-218-85.jpgPlasma TVs have a bit of a bad rep when it comes to those all important issues of saving money, energy and ultimately the planet. So Panasonic thought it’d do some damage control by unveiling a range of energy saving, eco friendly plasmas. The plan – to make plasma TVs more energy efficient and rake up sales. The claim – that its range of TVs slices the energy consumption of a standard plasma TV by half and are also a quarter of the thickness. Panasonic hopes this move will encourage and boost plasma TV sales by 50 percent, as more economically aware customers start to pay more attention to getting those green credentials.

Panasonic tells us it’ll be making a one inch thick plasma range public in 50 and 54-inch flavours, which are Japan bound for April. As soon as we’re brought up to scratch on European arrivals, so will you.

[via Tech Radar]

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Lucy Hedges